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Posted by Human Nature on 06-05-2004 02:48 PM:

Full Moon Party on S’estanyol Beach

So Thursday, I tried to have a quiet relaxing night in. Around 130am Sam comes running in the door, and says, “Right, put your shoes on, we have to hurry.” Lisa and me jump up, grab our shoes, and do a quick money, keys, passport check, forgetting phone, which would have come in handy later, and my camera. I throw down a shot of absinthe grab a 40 of San Miguel and run out the door.

We get down the stairs; Sam jumps in Santi’s car, a two seater, and tells us to get in the car behind it. We get into a car with three Spanish people we have never met before and tear off through d’en Bossa and Talamasca at about mach 1. Once we get into the hills past Talamasca, they tell us to start looking for a “red rock”. After a few dead ends we manage to find it and turn down an even smaller, darker dirt road.

A bit down the road we start seeing cars parked, so we park, hop out, and start walking. After walking for a quarter mile or so down a dark road with a steep drop on one side (Wally doesn’t like heights), we can start to hear the kick drum and smell the hash smoke wafting up the hill.

At there bottom of the hill there is a little restaurant with all the tables and chairs moved out to make room for a dance floor, people sitting/dancing all over the beach, a few drum circles, some people spinning fire, and a giant white balloon in the water right where the moons reflection will be at 3am.

Don’t know who any of the DJs were, but it was a great mix of techhouse, electro, and synthpop. Heard that new mix of Nirvana’s “Lithium” again, a new house track that everyone seems to be playing right now. It has a spoken word vocal in a Samuel L. Jackson type voice talking about how Johnny is a righteous mother fucker, and That mother fucking house music. A great new electro track that I can never seem to remember the lyrics to, and I can’t place the singers voice. I know its not Miss Kitten or Soffy O. All through the night they must have played 10 or so Depeche Mode tracks, and even broke out “Face to Face” by The Twins (not much makes Wally happier then obscure German synthpop from the 80s).

At 4ish, everyone we were with wanted to leave, they had to work in the morning. Lisa and me, after just being there long enough to start to get into it, decided to say fuck it, stay, and sort out a ride home in the morning

We spent the rest of the night running around talking to people. Met a couple from Minneapolis, who were doing a tour of Europe for their honeymoon. They had heard about Ibiza for the first time while in Amsterdam the night before, and had arrived about 4 hours before we met them.

I think it was 6am when they shut the music off. Before staring the walk, about 3 miles to the closest hotel in Talamasca where we could call a taxi. We chilled on the beach for a few minutes with two hippies, laughing at this little dog digging a hole like there was a lifetime supply of milk bones buried under the beach.

At 9am, we finally made it back to Playa d’en Bossa. Since Tantra was just opening, we walked down there to grab a beer and unwind before bed. Luckily we still had enough common sense left in us to resist the call of Space.

Posted by Metro on 06-06-2004 08:42 PM:

goddamit ... i am so looking forward to ibiza this summer ...

Are you sure you don't want any? Aw go on, you'll have some. Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on GO ON! Make your transition ...

Posted by skytrancegirl on 06-06-2004 08:48 PM:

Originally posted by Metro
goddamit ... i am so looking forward to ibiza this summer ...

woohoooo! me tooo!

Trance... it's a religious experience-sky

" Dancing in the moonlight waiting for the not moving from the dancefloor"

Live. Love. Dance. Trance!- Sky

Posted by Overseas on 06-07-2004 03:33 PM:

keep the stories coming....

2002: 64 parties. 2003: 81. 2004: 73. 2005: 75. 2006: 64. 2007: 63. 2008: 36, 2009: 51, 2010: none (yet) except NYE@Berghain.

NYE @Berghain, Berlin 2010: another marathon at 17hrs+ with Adam spinning 8h


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