The DANNY GirlsWe cut out huge letters and sewed them onto our shirts. Jess was "D", Ann was "A", I was "N N" and Karen was "Y." It looked great! We curled ribbon and put it around our necks, had our tiaras and hats, and all our other birthday paraphernalia and were ready to go." />
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Danny Howells' Birthday Bash @ Arc, NYC
by Sara2214: 11-29-2003

Ann and Jeremy came around 8pm. I had already gone to Party City and bought supplies for the evening: "Happy Birthday" Tiaras, other hats, noisemakers, a card, a helium balloon, etc. We went out to look for "husbandbeaters" and at first bought a Boys Small. Left, opened the package, and couldn't even fit it over our heads. So, we had to go to another store to get a bigger size. Then we came home, tried them on, chilled, and headed out to meet up with Jess, Karen, Dan, George, etc to sew letters on our shirts and coordinate our outfits for Danny. Jess and Karen wore hot short shorts with fishnets and Ann and I wore black capris. The DANNY GirlsWe cut out huge letters and sewed them onto our shirts. Jess was "D", Ann was "A", I was "N N" and Karen was "Y." It looked great! We curled ribbon and put it around our necks, had our tiaras and hats, and all our other birthday paraphernalia and were ready to go.

Got to the club around 2:45 . DJ Remy was on, who was bangin. Danny came on shortly after. We had to sing to the lady at the door to get VIP bracelets - we actually made up a Danny Dance and sang. It was hilarious! We were SUCH DJ whaures. The club was filled but not packed. As soon as Danny came in, we lined up in front of the booth with our stuff. We tried to have him see us and gave him his specially made birthday hat from Karen and the card we all signed. I was giving out party supplies to the crowd. We got on the speaker thing that is in the middle of the floor against the wall and danced our asses off. Eventually, the light guy shined all the club lights on us - we were blinded - and it turned the whole club's attention to the Danny Whaures. It was sick! Everyone cheering, I was throwing out hats and noisemakers and we were all dancing. THEN....we see some guy trying to get up on the stage with us - we realized it was Danny! He had left the decks, come down, got up with us (after bumping his poor little head) hugged us and danced with us!!!!! For a few moments, it was amazing and made it all worth it. The crowd went wild.

We danced up there for a bit longer, then chilled in the VIP room. Remy and Danny were tag teaming, so Danny had a chance to come out and chill with us for a while. He looked PIMPED out in his birthday threads - white sports jacket thing, great button down shirt, cute hat…he was so cute. He signed all of our Danny shirts. We got pics, etc. I got to chill in the booth for a few moments a few times, getting kicked out each time, but not before some chat with Danny and some viewing of his talent. One time though, Danny did say "Let sara stay!" It was chill. The night went on, the beats got better. The vibe was sick, even though the club emptied out a lot. The back room was also awesome - some sick, trippy tribal was going on back there. Then...I became the "hat girl." I already had on a pointed pink birthday hat and the tiara...then I put on about 5 more hats on my head, and two on my thighs. It was soooo silly and hilarious. You could see me from across the room. I just danced my ass off like a silly fool. Jess and I got back in the DJ booth for a while when he was dropping some sick, deep, dark breaks and watched the crowd. It was great to be back there, watch him do his thing, watch him smile and dance, it was so great! I was a bit too excited. At the end of the night, all the DANNY girls went behind the booth to watch him work his magic - again someone said we should leave and he said "let them stay!" Then, toward the end he asked us to go back on the stage. So, we did!

The Danny with the DANNY GirlsThe man did not disappoint. He was very into his set, his selection, his crowd and he gave it to us. He did not finish until 10:00am after a LONG encore. Do it like a robot! Some other tracks were so appropriate yet surprising - a rap song, and a 70's song both familiar to the common person, which I cannot place the title in my head now. Greg? He had some phenomenal builds that just broke it down to some trippy beats last night that had me in awe. It was so awesome!

Met so many great people - lots of Boston people that were down, great to meet Teriaki (YOU ROCK!!!!!!) and great to see Jess come down from MA. Karen, Jess, Ann - we freakin rock. I don't know that there could be any bigger DJ Whaure activities without actually doing the acts of...! LOL! He loved us! It was so great!!!!! Thanks for such an amazing time and taking DJ Whauring to a new level with me. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE PICTURES!!!! Hopefully tomorrow! Greg, Jess, Tube, Jeremy, Christian, dan and George (where did you go, by the way) - great to party with you. Muah! I chilled with Jillian and Justin (the wizard) for a good part of the night too. Talk about loyalty. The wizard has been at Danny every month for 3 years wearing his wizard outfit! Charita - missed you! You would have been a pefect "N." You would have made the night even crazier! Ruben, Olga, tj5, etc. You were missed!

Danny has not disappointed me in months now. I am so impressed. And last night the tag teaming, track selection, building, dropping, techy, funky tracks were awesome. I am sad I have to miss him on Dec 27th (the flyer for that party is SO cute BTW), but I hope to catch him on NYE at some point...This night was just so great. The people, the music, the events, the outfits, everything - amazing. And that moment on stage with Danny may be my #1 clubbing moment. Sigh! The entire night I just kept thinking there was no other place I'd rather be - just was so in my element, and was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, as you all saw. (Sorry for some craziness!)

Highlights - Our dance on stage with Danny, my hats, chillin in the booth. Dumb moments - walking from my car into the club, carrying so much stuff, wind was so strong, dropping my $20 to get in and my license, it blowing away, Jeremy finding it, then me loosing the $20 as soon as I got in. I had to find $20 to borrow, then they didn't even charge me to get in! Random! Silly moment - putting the b-day hats on my ass and dancing like a fool. Also, doing our "choreographed dance" and singing for the woman at the door to get VIP bracelets. That's all for now. Great night, thanks everybody - love ya!


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