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Paul van Dyk @ Roxy, NYC
by Sara2214: 11-15-2003

Louis Diaz opened and was decent - a good setup for PvD. I didn't really pay attention to him spinning, but it was good.

Mingled by the back bar with all 100 of us - the club was PACKED from the second I got in until about 5:00. It was SO hot you couldn't move. We just dealt with it though. I was definitely drenched in sweat when I started dancing. I thought the first half of Paul's set was OK - I was not blown away by it, but it was not bad. I was definitely hoping for more though. He started out solid, then built to a more trancey, fluffy, slow, progressive sound - we would be dancing, then he would just bring it down really slow and I'd have to stop. It was OK though. Still fun and good to listen to. Then around 5:00 or so he started picking it up again, and then BAM! He banged it out till he closed. I was soooo happy. I think he was just waiting for the drunks to leave so it could clear out a bit and he could start the REAL party.

It was so nice when it did clear out - leaving us more room to dance. We danced in the middle of the floor for hours - I was up on the speaker for a while, having a blast, till I got kicked off. Enjoyed dancing up there with Jess (prplhz) and having her slap my ass. LOL. From about 6:30 - 8:30, Paul put me in "the state". It is a "state" he doesn't always get me to, but the few times he has, I have just been blown away. The way he builds up, breaks down, the crowd goes wild - his total control. The full lights go on for a moment and you can see the entire crowd. There were two specific moments in the the night that resembled Space/WMC PvD moments - he dropped a SICK track that was just so hard and phenomenal that had me doubled over in awe, laughter, and joy. The last was during the end of the set and I looked around and everyone was also just in awe. I have no idea what these two tracks were, but damn, they were hot. He just kept us dancing.

I didn't feel like this set was as much as "journey" as some of his previous shows. It was progressive, to light trancey, to harder trancey, to hard trance/techy at the end. It was great though. A few times when I stopped dancing I just shut my eyes and was in another world. And I loved watching him up close - looking at him dance, smile, but all into it, watch the crowd. He totally knew what he was doing.

Track selection was great. I was very appreciative that only ONCE the entire night did he repeat a track. It was "Time of Our Lives" and him repeating it fit. NBU at the end fit well also, and I was pleased to hear it only once, and only then. Spotted some tracks, Born Slippy, Another Way, Crush, Lexicon Avenue, Autumn, Wavy Gravy, Nothing But You, Face to Face, played some tracks from POD CD, hmmm and I am sure Gaaf and others will have a full list later. I recognized many of them throughout the night but didn't think of names at the moment.

I had hoped for one more encore when the lights came up - thought he would do it too. Oh well. As soon as he stepped down from the decks I got an autograph - sure, it was on some ghetto, ripped piece of paper, but hey - it was the first time meeting him, I needed something. I told him he rocked and the end of his set was amazing and he just looked at me and smiled. That was enough for me. Headed out and said goodbye to everyone (so sorry about your car, Gaaf), then headed to Ruben and Olga's with Teraflops, unconnected, Ann, Jeremy, Matt and Nicki to chill. Had lots of fun and laughs. Got home at 6pm.

The night was great. I honestly live for those nights. I cannot wait until he comes back! What a solid 6.25 hour set! I give the night an 8.78/10 because the first half of the set was a bit weaker, but still good.

Thanks to Ann and Gina for all our bracelets!

Of course, the night was complete due to seeing all of you there: Mr. Bigglesworth, the4hacker, Overseas (yay!), Ruben, Olga, Tini, Annie and Jeremy, Matrim and Nikki, Teraflops, Vicman, LustE, yallz, Jess, Dan, prplhz, Mike, George, Kitty19, fraduch, unconnected, Bwags, Neophyte and Daveraver, Mateo, Frost, Gaaf, Warren, Ken, Crank, Paul, Allusion, Charlie - and sorry if I forgot anyone.

Nice to meet Kermit, DR. No, Rockyblue, Tracegirl and skyglitter, and Pacha from the Glow board - sorry I didn't get to meet any other GLow peeps! I know I met some other people too but can't recall.

We had SUCH a crew - it was awesome!
Charita, Tj5, Puffa, T0, and anyone else who was not there, we missed you.

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