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Montreal: Sander K & Mark Farina
by Sara2214: 08-09-2003

Bonjour tout le monde!
Here is my weekend review of my trip to Montreal!! It was absolutely AMAZING and we all need to take a trip up there. You would NOT be disappointed!!!!

Friday tj5 and I left around 5:00 from Boston to drive up to Montreal. We arrived around 11:00 and just had a few drinks. I was ready to head out to the strip clubs I had heard so much about ASAP – and that’s what we did. Ah, the woman. These places are NICE. Cheap to get in and you can just sit there, have a drink, and enjoy. The woman are absolutely beautiful and I found the way they did it all just very…classy. We saw a total of 3 lesbian shows throughout the weekend too….and that was free and left an impression in my mind that won’t go away.

Headed to Stereo to see Sander K spin around 8:30 am on Saturday. Stereo is a really chill club…tj5 described it well when he said it is a cross between Twilo and Arc. It is a big, open, dark room that’s just very simple. Good sound system with a deep bass. Club was still fairly packed when we went in and the music was good…at first. Then he just sucked. That man just was bad. He spun all these cheesy anthems and had no flow or organization to his set at all. And that damn Darkbeat song. Ugh. Let’s see here were a few others: about 5 Madonna songs, Pearl Jam’s Better Man, Avril Lavenge, Justin Timberlake. ENOUGH ALREADY! At least Sander looked like he was having fun. But it was still a good time to just be there and it was a chill crowd. We closed it out around 12:30 and then walked around the city.

Montreal is just a chill city. It’s really nice – the people are nice – I loved attempting to speak French. It all came back to me. Alors j’ai parler beaucoup de francais et je pense que j’ai fait tres bien! And the vibe of the city is just very free and very European. Saturday night we headed to two more strip clubs…at the second one I ended up having QUITE the experience which I will leave to a thread in the sex forum. Then at 3am we headed out to Aria. I couldn’t wait to hit this spot up, especially after all the hype.

The line was super long and we waited about an hour. I met some cool people in line there – everyone in the clubs seemed to be so diverse and just chill. It was totally unlike any NYC club…they style, the vibe, the energy. It was just different. Everyone had a very unique style too. Mark Farina was on when we got in and I was just like “wow.” Aria is just a fun place. Tj5 described it was the one good techno club left and maybe he’s right. And I guess that’s why people drive hours just go to it. The experience was awesome. Huge, open room with movie screens, lights that come up from the floor and the DJ booth – you can stand RIGHT behind it and watch the DJ which was really phat. I had never heard Mark Farina before and this man is GREAT. He spun all sorts of house and just made it so much fun. He spun some anthems and unlike Sander, he just mixed them really well and had great flow. He had my dancing my ass off the entire time. It was definitely the most fun dance music I’d every heard. The vibe was awesome – everyone seemed very lighthearted and free and just there to party. I met sooooo many nice people in that club, spoke lots of French, made some friends, and had such a fun time. We left around 10:30 and the place was still bumpin.

So that’s my experience in Montreal. No doubt we need to take a little board trip up there. It is such an awesome party spot. I love Canada!!!!!

And merci to tj5. Yay!! It was so exciting to just go to Canada and so something so fun and different!

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