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Sasha @ Tribehouse, Germany
by Overseas: 05-29-2003

What a fiasco!

So I pick up these 2 guys here in Frankfurt, one of which just drove up from Munich for this, to drive up to Neuss (near Cologne) to see one of the most elusive DJs, elusive in Germany that is. We have a good trip and all, listening to the brand new Deep Dish GU (we liked CD1 and thought CD2 sucked). At 11 pm we get to the club to be politely informed that "unfortunately Sasha won't play tonight. He has cancelled on short notice, 3 hours ago, due to illness". We're like, you gotta be kidding, but no, the club had produced makeshift flyers with the e-mail or fax or whatever Sasha's agency had sent to cancel the gig.

In Sasha's stead Timo Maas, who happens to be resident at that club, was to play and they had lowered admission from € 15 to € 10. Not that I was particuarly keen on seeing Timo Maas (he sucks IMO), but that wasn't our destiny either. The bouncers said, upon us being, uhm, very disappointed about Sasha's failure to show up, "oh, you guys wouldn't have gotten in anyway, you're dressed to conservatively". Gimme a break. There had been much discussion on a German board (German TA in fact) about the door at that club and, get this, they are even bragging about "selecting their guests" on their website. I knew beforehand I would hate the place, being all uptight, pseudo-exclusive, elitist, and most importantly, so not about the music. We had to admit, though, that the style of some people ahead of us was extremely hip: jeans, jeans jacket and white sneakers! Obviously we could't match that by far. So we said fuck it and drove back to Frankfurt, listened to some good music, and left it at that. On the positive side, it was actually a blessing that Sasha didn't show up. Had he been there with us unable to get it, now that would have sucked.All in all, awesome night with a Brit too lazy or fucked up to fly 1 hour to Germany and a club that doesn't derserve that label.

I will make sure PvD won't even consider any invitation by them to spin there.

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