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Steve Lawler @ Code, DC
by Sara2214: 05-02-2003

This party was SICK! We just got back to Ann's....I am so hype!

The CODE party is awesome. DC is set now. It is different than Buzz, not in the layout..that's basically all the same except the tables are fancier, bars are nicer (flowers on them!)....but hip-hop, salsa in the small room and terrace. We first went out to the terrace and it was mediocre "techno" which I then heard turned into some type of "salsa/reggae". Imagine that. The club was giving off a "dressier" vibe... was told you can't wear UFO's after this week...there were bouncers in suits all around...but the Buzz spirit was back. And lots of people who were Buzz @ Nation regulars. We got there right before 11 (got in free!!!) and just chilled out for a while. It was really cool. Saw Ken and Henry, then Gina, Cookiegirl, and a few others. Met some really cool people.

The second Lawler took the decks I danced nonstop. It was just like the terrace at Space!!!!! He BANGED it out very solid -- good breaks portion (short lived by sick beatz), amazing buildups, then he'd have the place jumpin. I recognized a lot of tracks from Miami. He just made me dance uncontrollably. They have "Code Dancers" now....weird girls that really aren't great dancers with tacky outfits who dance up on these high blocks on the dance floor. They are like little stages around the floor. They danced on them for about 20 minutes of the night. I took over for the rest and could not get down. Just like in Miami - even if I wanted to stop I couldn't. It was that good. That hard. The crowd was so into it.

And my view from my dance cube...amazing! Watched him spin ever record, he was all into it....waved to me once!

And for me being sick, tired, pissed, upset, and stone sober....I ended up having a HELL of a night.

I wished you were there!! ALL of you! Especially those who were out on the terrace in Miami....Especially Ruben and Olga....Nabil was there! We partied with him. I am so tired but had to write some thoughts about the night. Good to see a bunch of board peeps out...good to meet crank, finally frost...ken (even thought I met you before) and some other people I just can't recall.

Lawler tossed us some of his Lights Out CDs....I got on Jeremy's shoulders and he signed it. I told him his set on the terrace in Miami was awesome and that I thought he rocked...and that I love that he doesn't fuck around....he just BANGS it out! Don't have to wait with buildups just to go down again for hours. He stepped off from the decks at 4:10. I was very sad. I wanted him to spin more. I was literally SAD when he left. I wish I wasn’t' going away for work this whole week. I would LOVE to go to his boat party. UGH! Anyway, that was that. I seriously have gained a new respect for that man....he freakin rocks.

Thanks to Ann, Gina, and everyone for a great night. Next time hopefully we can all be there! He is a party NOT to miss. As far as Code....DC is set again now. Whew!!! Great party!

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