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PvD @ Casino, Berlin
by Overseas: 10-11-2002

It was time again for Vandit night, my 6th in a row, haven't missed one since last October. And, as usual I am tempted to say, Paul showed us why it is worth the effort of flying out to Berlin just for one night.

The night started our nicely in that we took a slightly earlier flight than usual to grab a bite in Berlin before going to the club. So we had this excellent Spanish dinner with some nice red wine and thus got to the club in an already slightly buzzed mood at around 12:30 which in retrospect was unfortunate because we missed the first hour and a half of Paul's first 3 hour set. He was in an obviously very good and relaxed mood, playing quality trance that glued us to the dance floor right away.

At 2 am Nick Warren came on and as usual with the guest DJ that meant somewhat of a style change. We went upstairs for a while where we got stuck talking to some Vandit night regulars I know from there. About 45 minutes or an hour into his set we returned to the main floor to find an excellent and very danceable tech-house set delivered by Nick. As is normal with the guest DJs, there were quite different takes on him - a friend of mine and PvD fan from Berlin thought Nick was really bad but I definitely disagree. So we dance more until Paul came back on at 4 am, seamlessly taking over and gradually increasing his pace. By 5 am he had me in heaven with an extremely hard, banging techno part that lasted for about an hour and was reminiscent of his July 4 set at Cream/Amnesia, Ibiza (remember, that was his best set ever!!). That transitioned into hard trance, then tech-house and finally into a very slow section which was, I have to say it, a bit too slow for my taste, even boring, and let me lose my energy. But well, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to sit for awhile and wait for the inevitable: of course the set picked up again around 8 am and I was back on the dance floor until we left (too early) just after 9 am, legs hurting.

It was an awesome set with little semblance to last year and, say, the style of 'Politics of Dancing'. I am a very poor trainspotter to begin with, but there were very few tracks to be recognized. Only striking thing was that this had quite a number new remixes of very old classics such as Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar, Sunscreen - Catch, BBE - Seven Days and One Week, Jens Lissat - You can't Escape. Oh, I almost forgot: he also played this awesome blend of PvD - For an Angel and Delirium - Silence that he had already dropped on Sept. 19 at the Cream closing party at Amnesia, Ibiza. At the time I had assumed the he'd mixed the two records on the spot but this time I found out from some guy that it is actually a white label vinyl (that guy had actually sold it on eBay just recently, dork).

Stupid me, I will miss him on Oct. 17 right here 20 minutes from Frankfurt. So I can't wait for Nov. 1 at the Roxy. I actually asked Paul to try the hard stuff he did in Ibiza on July 4, so we'll see....

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