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Interview: M.A.N.D.Y.
by Gabor: 02-22-2008

First, congratulations on your recent release from one of the most prestigious CD Series, Fabric 38 : M.A.N.D.Y. One can instantly appreciate the rich sounds and eclectic beats throughout the mix. What type of gadgets did you use to create this wide range of sound effects?

To be honest, not much. We just tried to pick tracks that have all this already. We picked 25 tracks, which is quite a bit for one CD, but it also makes the CD very diversified. Lots of changes. So, maybe that creates this impression.

When you first started throwing your own events you had Steve Bug as a regular headliner, who happened to mix the previous Fabric release. Did he set any standards for your work? If he did, do you feel you've met these standards with the Fabric 38 compilation?

At our own parties, he wasn’t headlining. We just played in the same club, Monza in Frankfurt, around 2000 or 2001, I guess. But of course, we knew his work from the beginning, and of course his collaboration with DJ T, which was an amazing track. So far, I haven’t heard his mix for Fabric. We were away for 2 ½ months by now and haven’t had too much access to electronic music. Full on break. But, I’ve only heard good things about it and for sure, I’ll listen to it when I come home.

You guys have gigs on nearly every continent, playing at various clubs night in night out. Outside of dealing with jet lag, what other challenges do you face as a DJ?

To always discipline yourself to catch the next plane, though you haven’t slept or you are on the road for 4 days. And, to be aware that people come to see you and they look forward to this, and of course, they paid money. So, you really have to try and be on point when you start DJ’ing. What happens before or after doesn’t matter. The little energy you have left sometimes, must be sacrificed to these two, three or even more hours. But of course, the people very often help you regain this energy, and that’s the amazing thing. Still and always, I suppose.

You are DJs in demand, accomplished producers and running one of the elite record labels, Get Physical. How do you give back to the community in order to live the rock star lifestyle?

Very good questions. It’s something we talk about at the label at the moment, but as always, it’s a time issue too. If you are never home, it’s not easy. Of course, there will be something done, but it could take just a little bit more time until we’re really ready. Cause it has to be done in a very thoughtful way. One of the best examples is probably Sigur Ros. After touring the world back and forth, they did over twenty free concerts in their home country, Iceland. Sometimes, in front of twenty people in some living room, since in some villages that’s all the people they have living there. If you watch their DVD “Heima,” it’s just so inspiring.

You grew up listening to early Chicago house. Do you still get down to house music? When was the last time and where?

Of course we do. We like to dance too, and especially when you do a compilation, you look through quite a bunch of you old records and still get excited. And, we dance in the studio and jump around. Sure thing!

In your own backyard, Berlin, you play regularly at one of the best clubs around, Watergate. It's stellar, one of a kind light system gives clubbers a complete experience on any given night. Do you see any other clubs around the world implementing similar designs or do you think everyone should just get a plane ticket to Berlin?

Of course everybody should at least come to Berlin for a short visit. It’s definitely a place you should have experienced, at the moment. Very special vibe. Lots of artists, not only electronic but all sorts of musicians and painters, etc. It’s of course, best in the summer. And, for a metropolis, it’s still very relaxed and reasonably low priced. Maybe a bit like NYC in the 70’s. There are so many good clubs in the world, but of course Watergate, with its two completely different floors and the nice terrace on the river is super special. But, the main thing is that we are really close to the guys that run it. It’s our own town. We want the family spirit, where you can be honest to each other and even try out crazy ideas. So, for us, there is no choice.

It's a well-known fact that rappers have their own way of dressing. Could you put your finger on any trend in fashion associated with techno?

Honestly, that’s what I don’t like about hip-hop. It’s mostly so stereotyped. Guys around 40, still in XXXL baggy pants. That’s why we like bands a lot more like Outkast, Pharell or the early Black Eyed Peas. It reflects in the music too. There was probably some time when you could identify ravers really quickly. Beginning of the 90’s, until 2000. Nowadays, luckily, it’s very mixed. I like Raf Simmons or Rick Owens. He does some really good stuff and a lot of my colleagues wear it. He’s from LA, I think. It’s really good stuff, but for sure, not pure techno wear.

If you were to make a prank phone call, who would you call and what would you say?

Of course, my partner Patrick, as I know him best and how to shock him. And for sure, I won’t tell, or people would really do it and call him.

We all love to waste time on YouTube. What are your favorite links?

I don’t spend too much time on the internet. I have enough to do with emails (still loads of label work, although we have a good time at our office), and the little time I have, I’d rather talk to people or hang out. But of course, I check MySpace and YouTube every once in a while. We are not even on Facebook yet, believe it or not.

Junior Vasquez or Jonathan Peters?

I think there’s not the slightest doubt that Junior Vasquez would be the choice. A true NY legend, I’d say. Sound Factory, Tunnel, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys…Big respect for this man!

Thank you for the interview and good luck with your upcoming tour.

Thank you very much, And hopefully, we’ll see you around at some party.

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