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Interview: Add2Basket
by Royce Haven: 10-11-2007

How did you come up with Add2basket?

Well, after I finished my very first song, I had to come up with a catchy name. I wanted a name that people would be familar with and at the same time unusual. Those days I purchased many of my vinyls online. As you know when you make a order you have to add the record to your basket, hence add2basket. Doesn't sound that catchy, does it?

Tell us a little bit about your studio set up?

Herbie Hancock said, "its really not about the technology. Its about honesty. Its really about creating from your heart…" I am using Ableton Live, connected with an M-Audio Ozonic keyboard and many VST's. My speakers are more than 10 years old but I’ve grown quiet acustommed to them.

Do you have any strange stories to share with us while touring?

I have a story back in 6 years, when I worked in a 5 star hotel in Budapest as a bellboy. I needed the money for buying vinyls, so this was the only way for making money pretty easily. We had many top 20 Djs staying in our hotel. One night we had one legend hanging out with us at a after party. He left his record bag by me to leave in the luggage room. I was so excited to check the bottom of the record-bag and found a bomb that I have been searching for ages. To be honest I’ve always been a law obieding citizen, never stole a thing in my life but on that day I could not resist and took that vinyl.The track was Chus and Penn – Burning Paris. Since than, this DJ (who is still in the business), plays my records, but I don’t have the balls to tell him just yet. I am still waiting for the right moment, to give it back to him.

Which came first Add2basket the DJ or Producer?

I started with DJing first, than after a while I felt inside that I could come up with creating music as well. My first record was released in May 2006. I am pretty lucky that I could put my name out pretty fast as a producer as well, so I can travel and play out at different places.

Are there any up coming releases or projects that we should look out for?

Yeah, I am pretty proud that my EP on Alternative Route Recordings is coming out on at the  end of October. Besides that I have tons of track to be done for the end of the year, including remixes, collaborations, own productions. The biggest Dutch label Extrema also signed my "Budapest" track, which will be out before Christmas.

Besides house, what else do you listen to? There are rumors that you are a salsa pro?

Hahaha, who said that!?  I am into everything besides salsa. Threre are some amazing Hungarian bands who would deserve more attention. They are Zagar, Yonderboi and Heaven Street Seven. From recent international bands KEANE is my top favourite bands. They sound a bit like U2, but for me they make 10 times more intelligent music. I would  listen their last album everytime I was on a plane. Its the best music to listen during a flight. I really like jazz too, also movie soundtracks.

Name some of your favorite clubs to spin at?

Opera Bay Buenos Aires
G-Plus Shanghai
Pacha Sao Paolo
Global club@ Klaipeda (Litvania)
Club Privé (Budapest)

Are there any other artist that are on your label that we should look out for?

Totally!! The roster is already pretty prominent and there are some hot bombs coming out in the next few months, which would get a lot of attention from the scene for sure. I am very proud to have Emjae, Hernan Cerbello, D-Pulse, Claes Rosen, Muzzaik, Belocca, Phunktastike, Liluca, Maher Daniel, Artego and a genious, Interplay, on board

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Retired married with kids perhaps?

You got me now. I am kind of old-fashioned and idealistic guy. Would love to have a nice family with kids and share everything with them. Would be great to be that succesful in the scene to have the chance to bring my family with me and show them the world.

Name one song that will always be in your basket?

Damien Strong – Love shop (coming soon)

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