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Interview: Claes Rosen
by Royce Haven: 09-30-2007

For Claes it all began in the mid 90's when he started off in a program called fasttracker II. The vibes kept coming and through the years he has come across several types of styles. From commercial music, to dark and severe twelve inch dubplates alias L-Wiz. Now in 2007 you know him by titles as Jiggle, Ludomatic, Bad selection, Volaris with more.

Judging from your production it sounds like you are pretty good with the piano. Are you classically trained?

 Well, I have always found it easily with tones and shit. I got my first keyboard at age six and went to music school for a couple of years I think. Not only for piano lessons but also drums.

In Sweden, with artists like Eric Prydz and yourself, the scene over there must be pretty good. How would you rate it?

 I think there’s lot of good DJs and producers here in Sweden, watch out !

In the video that you posted on your Myspace page, you are jamming a track in minutes. You make it look so easy. How fast can you crank out a track?

 As I have a fulltime job, I make music on my spare time. Although one time on my vacation my Internet went down one week, I made my Walking Forward EP that week  So besides my job, I think I can blame the time spending net as well.

What does your studio set up consist of?

Are there any secret weapons you would be willing to share with us? I only use my midi synth and Reason software, the rest is in my head.

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?

 I go snowboarding, like to travel and party.

How did you get into house. Do you work with any other genres like polka or death metal?

 Ha ha, no polka and deadmetal yet, well I make music for commercial use and when I do that, all different styles can come up, just check my vid on Me and my friend also goes under the name L-Wiz. We make dubstepmusic and have met good response and feedback world across. We have released four vinyls and have two more on the go.

Are there any up coming releases or projects that we should look out for?

 As I said for those dubstep lovers, there’s two on the go here in Sep/Oct, one on redvolume and one on dubpolice. House will be on Onlyrecords, Discoteca and Brown Eyed Records later on.

Do you have any production tips for up and coming producers all over the world, particularly

 When I make music I don’t give a shit about all the other things out there, I make music I like because I cant find my style out there, so should you

Name one snack that will you die for?

 Chips with dip

In no particular order list your top 5 songs of all time?

 Of all time? Whoa, very hard question. I listener to it all, so that question is too hard to answer.

Check out Claes online at: and

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