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Interview: Kris Menace
by Royce Haven: 05-02-2007

Kris has been kind enough to take some time off his busy schedule to do an interview with us.

Kris Menace? How did you come up with the name?
Unfortunately it was not my idea. A judge once called me a “menace to society”. Kris comes from my real name Christophe.

Discopolis, can you tell us a little bit about the creative process behind making that track?
It was just about playing around in my studio together with my pal Lifelike, who’s a artist of my label “Work It Baby”. The track was almost done in a few hours. I did the arrangement in about a hour. Lifelike wasn’t into it and didn’t want to be associated with the project. I however, really loved it and showed it to my friend Delphine Quéme, who was the manager of Vulture.

Its time to spill the beans. What does your studio set up consist of?
Mostly analog shit. I’m not that much into the digital world. I have some old-school drum machines, synthesizers, outboard compressors, passive eqs and other random shit.

Any new original productions, tracks or remixes in the work?
The latest remix released is the one I did for Lcd Soundsystem. I just finished 2 other remixes. One is for Roisin Murphy (ex-moloko). A new track called “lumberjack” from Alan Braxe that will be released on Vulture in may. After the latest release of Seattle based DJ EVA, there will be a new work it baby release from Serge Santiago, Tom Neville and myself under the project name “Trilogy”. Princess superstar is working on the vocals at the moment. The track will be called “Apocalypse rock” and will be out in May as well.

You have a distinct sound with your productions. One of the hardest things for a producer is discovering his sound. How long did it take you to develop your sound?
That’s a big compliment, Thank You. I have produced music mainly for other artists for almost 10 years now. A few years ago I decided to start up “work it baby” and Kris Menace to do more music I really love. I don’t try to go for a distinct sound. I just do what I like and if people associate that with a distinct sound then I’m really happy about it.

Besides electronic music what else do you store in your Ipod? There are rumors that you are Polka expert.
I’m not really into the polka thing anymore. The hype is over as you know and it wasn’t a big thing in Miami this year. As a result I had to move on. You always have to go with the hype like all the other lemmings are doing.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?
Watching porn mainly! To be honest, I just took a little break from music for about 3 months to get some fresh ideas.

Currently who are some of your favorite producers and which ones should we look out for?
I don’t listen so much to new stuff. I got a chance to check out the forthcoming chemical brothers shit. That’s bomb. I don’t know how these guys can consistently come up with great tunes after all these years. I definitely need to know what kind of drugs they take. Alan and I are playing with them soon at “Fabric” London. I will obviously know the first question to ask them.

What are your top 2 movies of all time?
There are a lot of great movies around. Stanley Kubrick makes sick shit. Sofia Coppola is amazing and “cube” from Vincenzo Natali is a great one as well. If you asked me “what series,” it would be the Sopranos.

Name one track that will always be in your record bag?
Prodigy – smack my bitch up

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