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Interview: Miss Nine
by Royce Haven: 08-15-2006

Miss Nine has been kind enough to take some time off her busy schedule to do an interview with Groovanauts.

Being already a successful model what turned to you to Electronic Music?

My boyfriend was already deejaying back than, and pushed me into it. He had a good vision how I could do this in a good way. In a couple of months he teached me everything he knew and arranged some gigs for me. Since than it is going better every day.

What are your thoughts on the emerging online download music sites? Do you think vinyl is completely dead?

It is really bad for the record industry. A lot of shops are closed now because of this. But I think it is just right for the time we are living in. Nobody can stop this high speed of technology. But for me it is like heaven. You can buy 12 tracks for the price of 1 record. And the quality is always good. You also have a backup on the computer. It is a lot easier in many ways. Also for carrying and travelling.

What are some of the craziest things you have witnessed while touring?

On my way to China, the storage in the plain (for bags) was on fire. Than I was a little bit scared to fly. The firemen took care of the fire, but you are thinking of it every 5 minutes while you are in the air.

Any new original production tracks in the work?

Yes there is one track of myself on this cd. Everlasting, it is my dubversion. Now we almost finished the vocal version. This is my first track.

Which Deejays do you enjoy spinning with the most?

There are a few, but i think mostly with Deep Dish. I play a lot of times with them, touring around the world. It is not only that they are very good technically, but it is so much fun. They are sometimes like comedians.

Congratulations on your upcoming Yoshitoshi Ibiza CD. When is the release date and what should we expect from this mix?

Well the official release will be in September. But I will be touring the US in late August. You can expect a true Miss Nine sound. A progressive mix with different influences like, grooves, vocals, techhouse and minimal. I like to play a diverse.

How would you compare the European scene to the scene in the States?

It is difficult for me to say something about that because I haven't been in this scene for a long time. Only since this year I am travelling so much. I have played more in Europe and the scene there is very good I think. I had a lot a great gigs with a good crowd and a good vibe. But please ask this question to me again in a few years!

Currently who are some of your favorite producers and which ones should we look out?

Look out for 16 bit lolitas, their productions are in every dj bag around the world. Everybody knows their productions. Now they are touring as well and I am sure they will be getting bigger and bigger. Also Proluctors we are going to hear from, a dutch duo who can make lovely tunes too. Other favorites are Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Deep Dish, Dousk, Axwell and the other Swedish maffia guys.

Name one track that will always be in your record bag?

I think my own Everlasting! Also I have some special feeling with Swing to Harmony from Perasma. It has everything I love.

Compared to men there are not as many women DJ’s in the industry. What advice do you give to aspiring women DJ’s all over the world?

Well, I can really only say one thing to all girls out there, it is like the slogan of the Nike! JUST DO IT! |

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