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Interview: Pole Folder
by Lust-E: 06-06-2005

1. What does the name Pole Folder mean?
Well it's conceived as a real name. It's composed of the names of two elements used in the sampler: the POLE of the filters and the FOLDER where you put your sounds. At the end it sounds like a real name which was the purpose.

2. What are your plans for the summer?
I have a lot of gigs scheduled and some remixes and productions to achieve. So I guess I will take some holidays in September.

3. You're mostly known for your production work to the average clubber, are you looking to become more known for your DJing this summer?
I am looking to present quality DJ sets and being respected for that is one of my purposes so I hope with all my upcoming gigs I'll be able to achieve that.

4. As a DJ, do you like to take clubbers on a musical journey or bang it out?
I work to keep the dance floor vibe but I'm also adding mental elements and musical atmospheres to the mix.

5. Do you any favorite club/gig stories to share with us?
I was supposed to play in a bar on a beach in Greece on a Sunday afternoon. But I was already there on Saturday night due to an early flight. I left the place with my friend after many, many vodkas at 7 AM. Everybody thought I would never be back for the gig. But I came as scheduled.

6. You've been working on your album, Zero Gold, for over two years; Are you more happy or relieved it is finished?
I'm more than happy to see Zero Gold finally released. It was the main purpose in my life for those two years.

7. The album is very atmospheric and has a cinematic scope, what were your musical influences when producing it?
All my musical heroes from various styles were in my mind when I was in the studio. I have an eclectic array from loving Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Queens of the Stone Ages, Garbage, Hans Zimmer, Dany Elfman, Beethoven, Bach, and so on

8. Along the same lines, who are your favorite DJ's?
John Digweed and Sasha.

9. Which do you prefer: Sasha or Digweed?
Both of them always impressed me as leading DJs and producers.

10. What's your take on the whole vinyl vs. laptop djing debate? What do you use/prefer?
I found a way to be creative with the Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk2. I still love to play vinyl though. I never used a laptop during my set but I think it's up to everyone to find the way to deliver the best set possible.

11. Do you feel the proliferation of online music sharing is hurting the dance music industry as a whole?
Not sure that the internet is the devil. I think the most important thing is to extend respect for the artists. If someone has listened to an album or a single on any support, then I think that the album needs to be bought. It's helpful for the artist and helps them to create more music.

12. Have any advice to aspiring producer's/dj's out there?
The only thing I can advise is do what you want to do, but somebody is probably saying this already on an advert.

13. What are some of your other interests/hobbies besides music?
I love the cinema and I love to read. I also love to Live. It's a fascinating experience.

14. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I'm living day by day.

15. Last one: Are you looking forward to coming to New York and rocking Remote Lounge?
I can't wait to be there. It will be my first time in your exciting city.

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