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Winter Music Conference 2005: Friday
by translucent: 03-25-2005

The alarm rings and I get my shit together pronto for my job interview. I look surprisingly healthy, all things considered. The dark circles under my eyes blend nicely into the slight tan provided by my brief exposure to sunlight. I go through my interview without a hitch (turns out later that they couldn't offer me nearly as much money as I needed to live like a pimp in Miami). After the interview, I return to my bed and crash.

I wake up by late afternoon. Just about everyone is at Nikki Beach for the Radio 1 party. I decide to skip out on it because not only was everyone there, but unfortunately, Everyone was also there. People were phoning in accounts of just how much of a mob scene it was. I'm not in the mood to have sweaty, shirtless men rubbing themselves against me. I might as well as take this opportunity to point out that I'm NEVER in the mood to have sweaty, shirtless men rubbing themselves against me. Instead, I choose to lounge around at the Fairwinds, sipping a Mojito and enjoying the Rest, Relax, Recover party going on right there. How convenient!

As it gets dark, I meet up with the DC Dooshes and decide to bounce back and forth between the Desyn Masiello/Luke Fair party upstairs at Yuca and the Porterhouse bash at State down the street. Yuca is nice and chill, considering the lineup. Then again, it's early in the night and it's mostly an industry crowd. After a bit, we decide to check out Porterhouse. My derelict friends have taken over State completely and are spinning in every single room. I'm surprised there isn't someone spinning in the bathrooms or in the coat check. Are there even coat checks in Miami clubs? The Groovefire guys and Joe Mama are tearing it up upstairs. Downstairs, Eli Wilkie spins one of the best, and hardest sets I've ever heard from him. The place is packed. This is quickly turning into one of the top parties of the conference. We run into Brandie and company, who happens to have a table overlooking the mob downstairs. My mangled ass pays her back for her hospitality by spilling a cup of water on her foot. She gives me this look as if I just backed over her kitten with a Hummer. Hey, it's just water! Turns out that was probably the third or fourth time someone spilled a drink on her that day. The last guy also said "Hey, it's just water!" LOL! Sorry Brandie. At least Porter was kicking ass downstairs.

As Porterhouse was drawing to an end, Osta and Addy decide to join me at Space for the end of PvD and then Sander K on the terrace. We hail a cab and head downtown. Unlike on Monday night, the scene outside Space is a complete mess. No one is getting in. It's about 6am and we hear that it's $200 per person if you want to go in. We hop right back into a cab and head to my hotel. Addy and Osta go back to their room all dejected from wasting our time going to Space and back with little to show for it. After putzing around for a bit, I figure what the hell! Most of the GN crew was at Space and even if I missed PvD, the terrace was gonna be awesome. I bet that if I come back to Space by myself, I could probably talk my way in there. So, I hop in a cab and head back downtown.

By now, the mob had dissipated and there is a short line by the VIP/table entrance. Just as I get in line, the bouncer yells "show me $60 cash and walk right in…got cash? Step to the front of the line!" I'm quicker on the draw than all my mangled compatriots and cut to the front. Surprisingly, the bouncer doesn't pocket the money but points to the cash register inside the doorway. As I'm about to hand over my bills, some guy walking out turns to me and says, "don't give them that money." "Pardon?" I ask. "Don't give them your money," he repeats and hands me a comp as he leaves the club. No shit! I thank him and bounce inside. That's twice in a row I got into Space for free!

I head straight to the terrace. Sander is throwing down some funky ass shit. Surprisingly, there's plenty of room to move around. I guess many people got discouraged waiting in line and gave up. I run into a bunch of GN'ers who were still there since PvD. Then, I see Joe Mama. Apparently, he showed up after Porterhouse. I ask how the hell he got in there, considering how they weren't letting anyone in earlier in the morning. Turns out he told the doorman he was Steve Porter. LMFAO! The party ends earlier than I had hoped, around 2pm or so. I guess Space didn't want to compete with Ultra. They give out Space air fresheners on our way out.


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