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Paul Van Dyk@Twilo
by Raven: 04-13-2001

Standing in the expectedly long line, waiting to get in to Twilo I overheard a guy in front of me ask a huge bald Jamaican security guard, "How long do people wait in line?" The security guard gave him a look of mixed stupor and confussion, "All night mon. ALL night!" "Really?" answered the kid. "It's Paul van Dyk, mon! (said in the same manner as you would say "What fucking planet are your from?") We'll be closed, and people will still be standing in line trying to get in" Let's rewind a little to that morning. It's Friday, the 13th of April, 6:45 am. I wake up with surprising ease this morning, considering I only got less than 5 hours of sleep on a night when I needed the MOST sleep. I had a sense of inexplicable excitement and joy. Well, that's not true, I knew why I was so happy....such feelings could only stem from knowing that I was going to see Paul van Dyk . The workday had begun, and although I had a deadline to meet, I spent most of my time answering the barrage of phonecalls & IM's trying to iron out last minute details for the nights party. Mat P (Offcamber) paid me a very pleasant visit at work. We watched PvD's video interview on my computer and got more psyched about the party. Before heading home I picked up some extra essentials for the evening: chapstick, vix, candy (starburst, mentos, spree), and "candy". This promised to be one unforgetable evening. My friends started arriving at my house...a little late actually, and it became apparent that we wouldn't make the Starbucks meet-up. I called Sean (Xenonnyc), Push, Murdocc, & Mat P and made plans to meet inside. We picked up Goagirl and b-friend (Matt) and headed to NY in 2 cars, listening to PvD mixes Live at Homelands, & Innercity...which had PvD's new untitled track. We arrived and parked the car and got in line by 11:50, and we finally get in by 1 am. Luis Diaz was already laying down the groundwork for a totally incredible night, dropping some awesome tracks like Jakatta - "American Dream", Kosheen - "Hide U", and Nick Hook - "Enhanced". Most of us from the board found each other...Push, Murdocc, Mat P, Goagirl, and myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate MZtrancer, Slycruise, Luky7, or Xenonnyc. The place was already packed. Throngs of ravers came out for this special 2 year anniversary party. You could almost smell the excitement resonating in the air around the club. Twilo management went all out for this one, installing several lasers around the club and strategically placed mirrors for the lasers to bounce off. There were also four huge screens located on the speakers at the four corners of the dancefloor, emitting psychosomatic fluid images of landscapes, cartoons, and nature. I danced around made some new friends, and bumped into some old ones. Around 2 am, we all migrated somehow to the center of the dancefloor right in front of the DJ booth, and danced there (or tried to in the limited space that was available). We joked about how our dancing has been limited to bobbing our heads up and down and side to side . As good a set as Luis Diaz was playing, I just couldn't contain my excitement and I was dying with anticepation for PvD to come on. Honestly, if Luis played at any other venue without the presence of PvD overshadowing his performance he would rock the place. I leave for the bathroom and on my way back I grab Murdocc to go and hang with the others...PvD walks in right behind us, escorted by a slew of security guards, four of which were carrying his record cases...FOUR!!!!! Slender, quiet, and relaxed, he enters the DJ booth only to be greeted by deafining screams and applause that drown out even the sound coming from the ever so mighty Phazon speakers. He idles around behind Luis, shakes his hand and gives him a hug. Makes pleasant conversation with all the VIP's and starts to organize his records to begin. 2:30 rolls around and PvD drops his first record...mixed in perfectly with Luis' last tune. It has begun. For the next 8 hours he took us to another dimension that can only be likened to Heaven. Needless to say, the set was impeccably mixed. It was harder, deeper, and edgier than his other was obvious that he was taking on the challenge that was presented to him on the Twilo message board asking him to play a set more akin to his harder German sets. Still, throughout all the metallic sounds and dark trancers, he spewed out some ungodly euphoric tunes that engorge your entire being and push your already frenzied mind to the brink of insanity. His set was like a journey...not into trance or house or breaks or acid or techno...but into sound. An eight hour epic music dream if you will. He made us dance, he made us scream, he made us cry, hug, kiss, and took us to a transcendent world a lifetime away from our own. The tracks were new and they were powerful. Heavy synth seeping like water throughout the crowded club, mixed with squelching hard basslines interspersed with great big riffs....oh god those riffs, ecstacy breaks that seemed to last a short eternity...pushing us to clasp our heads or reach out to PvD or GoD, they are one and the same. The synth in those riffs running all around us, in us, through us, like a mellifluous dream, driving us to a mental and physical orgasm. We could feel the beatless pulse building building building and finally, PvD throws down the beat and we errupt in screams and dancing. I think the most common phrase uttered out of my mouth was "WOW!". I said it repeatedly, unabashedly, and with as much feeling, enthusiasm, and disbelief as the last time I uttered it. I recognized very few of his tracks, but when he threw down his new remix of "Columbia" I went crazy and yelled it out and hugged Push and Murdocc and Mat. I can't count how many times I turned to Nikki (Goagirl) and Matt and asked them rhetorically "HOW AMAZING IS THIS SET??!!!!!" I loved hanging out with all you guys and I hold such incredible memories from certain moments in the night. I remember Push, Murdocc, and I starting to sing along with Goldenscan - "Sunrise", and ten people around us just started chiming strangers all with our arms around each other jumping up and down singing "do do, doo doo, do do, doo do, doo doo, do do, doo doo...SUNRISE!!!!!" All my hopkins friends were there, and I made a bunch of new friends at the club...I promoted this awesome message board and directed a group of people to it. Oh dear lord what a night! He dropped Blank & Jones - "Cream" and a new remix of Freefall's "Skydive". His set was superbly mixed, he changed it up from trance to house to breaks, a splendid array of electronic music at it's very very best. He even played Kosheen - "Hide U" which was played earlier by Luis and it just ellicited a response ten times more powerful out of me when he played it. Toward the end of the night he played Mike Koglin - "The Silence", a song that I have long loved and never heard live...and for that I dropped to my already feeble knees. The lasers and the liquid nitrogen gas were an added delicacy to an already sweet evening. I loved it when the tanks warmed up and made that high pitched sound, warning the clubbers to brace themselves, then it just shot out in a thick cloud of icy pleasure. Loved it! A new addition to the night was a DJ in the bathroom...umm, that was weird to say the least. During one of my many trips to the bathroom, I went to the urinal to pee and I asked the guy next to me what was up with this funky music. To this he replied, "I've been here for 20 minutes trying to piss...this music is freaking me out man!!" I left him standing there, just as I had found him. 10 mins later it hit me how funny that was and I burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. 10:00 am rolls around...and already Paul van Dyk has played 3 encores...THREE!!! and when I say encore, I don't mean one or two songs; his encores are entire sets within their own. The first and second were 45 mins long, the third 20 mins. The lights go on and he puts his jacket on, and he picks up the last track of his 3rd of hell of a totally sick sick track that I can guarantee will destroy every house he plays it in. The minions of ravers below him scream and start chanting "PvD, PvD!!" in unison. He turns around and holds up "For an angel"...MORE SCREAMS OF EXCITEMENT!!! He plays it and I try to dance...try so hard but my legs were past dead, rotting, and decomposed. He finishes up and gives his big endearing smile and says thank you and good bye waving his hand. So humble, so kind. But wait! he takes his "For an Angel" and decides to throw it into the crowd. The masses huddle even closer together and reach out. PvD realizes he might have done a mistake and moves to a less populated area to throw it in. But it was all the same. He throws it then looks over and makes sure that no one is hurt. What a fine human being...he just fills me with so much awe! He leaves and I manage to get my hand on his shoulder to pat him "thank you". In all honesty, this set blew me away, and dwarfed anything I've ever heard by any other DJ...EVER! In fact, his sets can only be compared to his own sets and not to anybody else's because they are in a league of their own. He truely diminished Oakenfold's fantastic performance last week. Thank you all so much for making this evening all that much more memorable! I send my love out to Push, Murdocc, Goagirl, OffCamber...and Xenonnyc, Luky7, MZtrancer, and Slycruise. Until next time you guys.

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